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test Angličtina 16 (Angličtina)

    Autor: Kvatro (74vlož. 2596vyzk.+9%ø) ... vloženo 22.10.2010
Test vyzkoušen 101 krát, průměrný výsledek je 74%.
Match the sentences. Good Luck.
  1. I've bought some writing paper, stamps and envelopes.

  2. I've brought my tennis racket with me to the Conference.

  3. I've brought my bikini with me.

  4. I've bought two tickets to Hawaii.

  5. I've brought along a cassette machine and some blank tapes.

  6. On the last night of the conference, we're going to meet in the hotel bar.

  7. I've enjoyed spending time with you.

  8. I've brought along this Spanish phrasebook.

  9. I've invited Sarah out for a quiet meal.

  10. My kids want me to look for some tee-shirts for them.

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