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test Angličtina - Some/Any (Angličtina)

    Autor: Kvatro (74vlož. 2596vyzk.+9%ø) ... vloženo 12.11.2010
Test vyzkoušen 9239 krát, průměrný výsledek je 65.5%.
  1. Have you got ______ cigarettes?

  2. I like ______ pop music but not all.

  3. I don't like ______ pop music. I hate it all.

  4. I love the Beatles. I love ______ song by them.

  5. ______ people don't like Bill Clinton.

  6. I love ______thing with chocolate in it.

  7. ______body told me the news but I cannot remember who it was.

  8. You mustn't tell ______body.

  9. I don't drink ______ alcohol at all.

  10. I'm afraid I haven't ______ solution to the problem.

  11. All the buses from here go to Trafalgar Square. You can take ______ bus.

  12. I never go ______where any more. I always stay at home.

  13. I don't mind which day you come. ______ day will do.

  14. I heard a noise. ______body is outside.

  15. I looked. I couldn't see ______body.

  16. I've just made a cake. Would you like ______?

  17. I'd love ______. Thank you.

  18. ______ people think you are really stupid.

  19. I don't like ______one in my office. They're all horrible.

  20. There's ______one in my office from England. His name is David

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